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Below we will give you access to some cutting edge training, groups and strategies to allow you to sort out your financial foundations, level up your investment operating system and take leaps and bounds towards implementing your own Wealth Mastery Machine!

This training has helped our clients achieve outcomes such as scaling to multiple 7 figures, paying off hundreds of thousands in tax debt, increasing their personal earnings, buying their dream home, paying it off in full, building multi-property portfolios, creating passive income and helping set up the next generation.

This training will change the way you do business and how you handle your money forever.

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  • Grab all of my best selling books, calculators, cheat sheets and tools in our FB group. The tools we give away for free in this group are worth thousands
  • Complete our performance scorecard if you haven't already. After doing this with thousands, we've worked out that most business owners have $10,000-$150,000 in cash-flow bottlenecks they can unlock lightning fast just from this scorecard alone. Do yourself a favour and invest 10 minutes!
  • Book a game plan session with one of our scale specialists and lets invest an hour to help you map out your financial game plan for the next 12 months. In this session we will unpack what you're working towards, what's getting in the way and brainstorm a simple path to get you from A to B.
simple strategies
to create more profit, time &
I want to personally help you identify and overcome your cashflow bottlenecks holding you back from having the business profits you dream of and systematically turning that profit into wealth.
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From The Desk Of Jackson Millan - The Wealth Mentor
I am super excited to have you here to share my life's work to help you get cashed up, maximize your business profits and turn those business profits into personal wealth.

I have spent the better part of 15 years navigating the minefield of finance for business owners to make simple and easy to implement frameworks that help you reframe your relationship with money, turn your business from a cash eating monster to a profit machine and get on the right path for financial freedom.

Below is my best training that I have spent a decade perfecting. Don't mistake its simplicity from the power contained within it and the impact it can have on you and your business.

Take some time to go through the training and if you need help putting any of what you learn into place, please feel free to reach out.

Wishing you all the best in pursuit of financial freedom.
Meet Jackson,
Co-Founder, CEO
  • International Best Selling Author In 8 Countries, 2017
  • Helped 1,000 Clients Build Over $1.5b In Wealth, 2022
  • Scaled 100+ 7 Figure Businesses, 2020
  • Featured on Studio 10, Today Show, SMH, Money Mag, 2019
  • Finalist Thought Leader & Entrepreneur Of The Year, 2018
  • Adviser Of The Year & Business Of The Year 2017 
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we hope you have been able to get a tonne of value from our training. If you have enjoyed this and would like some help then we are ready to guide you in pursuit of financial freedom.
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